Laser Hair Removal

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What is Laser Hair Removal? 


Velocity Laser (Hair Removal) Treatments are advanced, proven, high-tech hair removal procedures. Published studies indicate that Laser Treatments can significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted hair with very little maintenance.

Velocity Laser treatment consists of directing laser energy at the skin. The energy disables the growth center of the hair, called the hair follicle.  This is possible through a process of “selective photothermolysis”, whereby the energy injures only those tissues around the target, which is absorbed by it.  At the base of the hair follicle and hair shaft are pigmented cells. The light emitted from the laser has a specific energy level and lasts a specific duration such that it’s absorption is maximized by the pigment in the hair follicle.  When the energy is absorbed, the heat released is sufficient to disable the hair follicle, which interrupts its ability to produce a hair shaft (selective photothermolysis). While delivering the energy to the hair follicle, it is important to cool the skin to avoid injury.  An advanced cooling crystal is integrated in the applicator to ensure comfort and safety.

Hair grows in a cycle of three stages: anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), and telogen (resting). Venus Velocity™ uses laser technology to target the hair follicle in the anagen phase, which is when the hair responds best to the treatment. About 30% of hair is in this phase at any given time, which is why you need multiple treatments to see results. Venus Velocity™ works by delivering energy to the hair follicle, where it’s absorbed by the hair pigment. This destroys the follicle so that the hair cannot grow anymore, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

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What device do we use at Zen Med Spa? 


We use the Venus Velocity™ machine. Venus Velocity™ provides effective, quick, and comfortable hair removal for the face and body using state-of-the-art laser technology. Treatments are safe for all skin tones, even tanned skin. The advanced cooling system works on contact to ensure your skin is always protected, so you can enjoy a more comfortable treatment.

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Frequently asked questions: 


Who is the best candidate for this treatment?

The best candidate for Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal treatments is someone tired of temporary hair removal methods, who is looking for a permanent hair reduction solution for the face or body.

For safety reasons, however, an individual may not be an ideal candidate if any of the following applies:

  • The individual has experienced previous complications with laser therapies

  • The individual has a history of keloid scarring

  • The individual has an active infection or history of herpes simplex in the treatment area

  • The individual has used a depilatory cream or other hair removal treatment (waxing, plucking, electrolysis) that removes hair from the root within the last six weeks

  • The individual is hypersensitive to hydroquinone or other bleaching agents

  • The individual has used oral Accutane within the last six weeks


Are the treatments fast?

Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal treatments are quick, though the length of the session will vary depending on the size of the treatment area. In most cases, sessions can be booked during a lunch break, and multiple smaller areas (such as the underarms and bikini line) may be treated during the same session.


What does it feel like? Are laser hair removal treatments painful?

Once the treatment starts, expect to feel some heat in the area. For most, Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal treatments feel like a light snap of an elastic band against the skin. The device applicator has a built-in cooling feature to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, but some discomfort may be expected when treating more sensitive areas, such as the bikini line. If the treatment feels too uncomfortable, the treatment provider can adjust the settings. Post-treatment, skin may feel slightly sunburnt. A cool compress may be applied for relief and the sensation should fade in one to two days.


How many sessions are needed to see results? Is it permanent?

Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal treatments permanently reduce hair growth. All the same, no hair removal treatment is capable of halting hair growth entirely. Results depend on how the hair grows. Some small patches of hair regrowth may occur. While any hair that does grow back in the treated area is often sparse, less coarse, and often unnoticeable, a touchup appointment may be needed to maintain results.


Is there any specific pre- or post-procedure care required?

Prior to each treatment, skin should be clean from lotions, creams, or makeup. The technician will shave and clean the area before starting the treatment. They will also ask about the individual’s medical history, so it helps to have that information ready. Refrain from any hair removal treatments, aside from shaving, at least six weeks prior to the appointment. It is also recommended to stop tanning a few weeks before each treatment.


Post-treatment, gently clean the treated area twice a day and apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 before going outside. Avoid excessive sun exposure whenever possible and cut out any hot baths, massages, or treatments that require direct contact with the treated skin for 48 hours post-treatment. In the days following treatment, hairs may fall out more easily—this is perfectly normal.

Some patients may also experience what appears to be a rash accompanied by some mild itching. This is just the skin’s response to the energy. The redness and itching should subside quickly, within a few days. Cool compresses or antibiotic ointment can help speed up the healing process.


Will this treatment work for those with darker skin?

Venus Velocity™ hair removal treatments can be safely performed on darker skin tones and tanned skin. However, there is a risk of discoloration due to the higher levels of pigment in the skin. The technician will perform a test spot and wait between 15 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the skin tone, to assess the skin’s reaction to the laser. For this reason, it is best to seek out a certified treatment provider, as they will know best what treatment parameters are most appropriate to use for each skin tone.

To discover if Venus Velocity™ laser hair removal treatments are right for you, or to receive your customized treatment plan, start by locating a certified treatment provider near you: